Smokefree Hue City: a Union-supported tobacco control project in Vietnam

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    Hue City in Vietnam celebrated one year smoke-free on 27 May 2013, achieved thanks to support from The Union.

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    Hue City marked introduction of the new national tobacco control law, which came into force on 1 May 2013. The law will help strengthen smokefree policy in the city.

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    Smokefree hospitals are a key component of Hue’s smokefree city policy.

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    ‘Of course, I know that this is a smokefree hospital,’ says patient Mr Le Hoan. ‘Since I have been hospitalized, I smoke less than usual.’

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    ‘It will not be easy to quit, but I know smoking is bad. I know that my second-hand smoke is bad for my 23-year-old daughter who just got pregnant.’

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    ‘When we went smokefree, the staff members were happy, including the smokers,’ says Deputy Director of the Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Hue City, Dr Vinh Thanh. ‘They saw the move as an opportunity to quit.’

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    Smokefree public transport is another key feature of smokefree Hue City. Trains and train stations are now smokefree.
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    ‘I am a non-smoker, and I am happy with the smokefree regulation,’ said Mr Tran Duc Duy, taxi driver. ‘If I was offered a job by a taxi company that was not smoke-free, I would still have a no smoking policy in my car.’

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