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An image capturing the moment a magistrate orders the public burning of illegal tobacco advertising in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has been selected as one of the The Lancet’s Highlights for 2015.The striking photograph was selected as ‘capturing a health issue in a powerful way’. It is published in the December issue of the medical journal as well as on its website.

Economists and public health experts met to discuss how far tax mechanisms are being used across Africa to reduce tobacco consumption. The central African region was a focus.

The three-hour special session gathered attendees from 10 countries. Its purpose was to highlight best practice, assess impact and consider how to expedite the progress of this tobacco control measure.

New tools to combat tobacco industry strategies that undermine and delay public health policy were announced at a working group meeting for Union members at the annual conference. Preventing industry interference is one of the most complex, but important elements of any tobacco control programme – this working group offers members support to develop these measures.

Cape Town, South Africa, is hosting The Union’s annual gathering of lung health experts from around the globe. Several thousand delegates are expected to attend during the course of the event, which runs until 6 December. Tobacco control will be a focus area at the conference.

After a nine-year legal battle, the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a British American Tobacco (BAT) subsidiary, against the Province of Santa Fe’s trailblazing tobacco control law, which includes a 100 percent ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) and an interdict on smoking in public places.

Tobacco packs in Nepal now have 90 per cent of their surface area covered with hard-hitting pictures of the health impacts of tobacco use – the strongest tobacco control measure of its kind in the world. Shelves have been stacked with the new packs since the directive came into force in October.

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