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Mussoorie City, Uttrakhand State in India has been declared smoke-free following a compliance assessment supported by The Union. An estimated 3 million tourists visit the city each year.

The Winter Olympics 2022 to be held in Beijing, China, have been declared a smoke-free. The announcement was made at an event in part organised by Union grantees, Tianjin CDC.

For WCTOH 2018 the programme features new session formats including Rapid Fire and Ideas Exchanges to give delegates greater opportunities for interaction and discussion around new research. Find out more here.

The Union is one of 89 organisations, representing global health, medicine, human rights, and consumer protection around the globe who have published an open letter to Philip Morris International (PMI) demanding that they immediately cease production, marketing and sales of cigarettes. The move comes after the Danish Institute of Human Rights conducted an evaluation of PMI and concluded that the company could not meet human rights norms while still selling tobacco products. PMI owns some of the world's most powerful cigarette brands – including Marlboro. Read the letter here.

The WHO FCTC secretariat has selected 15 of the treaty’s 180 Parties as recipients of direct support to governments for tobacco control, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] 2030 effort. The treaty is integral to the SDGs.

New rules are being drafted for tobacco sales in Himachal Pradesh state which will require all tobacco retailers to be licensed. This will curb sales of loose cigarettes and bidis, making these products less accessible to children.

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