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Members and staff from The Union joined tobacco control experts and advocates from throughout the Asia Pacific region to call on Indonesia, the fifth largest tobacco market in the world, to ratify the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and begin implementing key tobacco control policies.

The declaration – adopted by delegates to the 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health in Chiba, Japan on 18 -21 August – also requests that Indonesia refuse to host World Tobacco Asia 2014 scheduled to be held in Bali next year. World Tobacco Asia is a tobacco industry market exhibition and conference.

In Indonesia, 61.4 million adults currently useing tobacco. As a consequence, smoking kills 235,000 people each year. Annual healthcare costs related to smoking amount to 1.2 billion USD; and Indonesia's poor households with smokers spend 11.5% of their household income on tobacco products and only about 4% for education.

'Indonesia is the only country in Asia not to have ratified the WHO FCTC,' said Dr Latif, Director of Tobacco Control at The Union. 'There are great things happening in tobacco control in Indonesia - with several smokefree cities and the recent introduction of national graphic health warnings - but there are still many easy opportunities for the tobacco industry to market and sell their deadly products to vulnerable people. Becoming party to the Convention would help ensure that all people in Indonesia are informed and protected.'

This declaration is one of five statements issues issued by the 785 delegates from 42 countries attending the Conference. Please follow the link to read the full statement: 2013 APACT Declaration on Tobacco Control in Indonesia. The other statements released at the conference are also available on the APACT conference website.


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