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Beijing, capital city of China, heralded the introduction of its new smokefree law on World No Tobacco Day with a vibrant celebration at the Birds' Nest Stadium, led by dance troupes and actors. The new legislation, a powerful tool to protect Beijing's 20+ million citizens from second-hand smoke, came into force on 1 June.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission [Ministry of Health], Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipal Government collaborated with representatives from the media, health organisations and scientific institutions to put on a day-long information and awareness-raising campaign from The Birds' Nest. WHO honoured the Beijing government with an award for advances in tobacco control during the event.

As soon as the law came into force, 1,000 inspectors were dispatched to check key venues for smokefree compliance – government buildings, health centres, hotels, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

Other WNTD news from China

Shenzhen released its first smokefree compliance report, one year after its city-wide law was introduced.

Compliance rates were above 90 percent for government buildings, restaurants and hotels, and 99.3% in taxis. The law is supported by 91 percent of venue owners and 81 percent of the public. Enforcement has been vigorous, with large numbers of fines issued to violators. Internet cafes are an enforcement black spot with compliance rates under 50 percent, in part because many such venues are unlicensed and not legally considered public venues. In response to this report, Shenzhen police launched an intensive round of enforcement specifically targeting Internet cafes.

Guangzhou held the 2nd Asia Pacific Healthy Breath Expo, a high-level forum attended by policymakers, public health professionals and enforcement agencies. More than 100 participants shared the latest progress in tobacco control from across China, including Hong Kong and Macao. The Expo ran from 28 May to 1 June.

Zhuhai's Health Education Center held a forum to push development of a smokefree law for the city. The event featured advocates from Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong province. These representatives met the Zhuhai People's Congress and other stakeholders to share their experience regarding the positive impact of smokefree laws.


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