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The Union’s Department of Tobacco Control participated in a two-day workshop in March to support the passing and implementation of a law that would ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) in Peru.The Union’s legal advisor for tobacco control, Gustavo Soñora, shared his expertise on implementing smokefree spaces and a TAPS ban in Uruguay to members of the Government of Peru, the Commission of Health and the Commission for Consumer Protection.

Representatives from Panama and Brazil also presented experiences from their countries.

Peru became a party to the WHO FCTC in February 2005 and has since implemented several laws establishing smokefree public places. It has also placed some restrictions on tobacco advertising but has yet to pass a comprehensive ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship. The Union hopes to continue to support these efforts to pass more comprehensive tobacco control legislation and is providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health.

Hosted by the WHO and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) with the Ministry of Health, the workshop took place in the National Congress of Peru and the WHO/PAHO country office in Lima. It brought together representatives from The Union; the Ministry of Health, Panama; The National Cancer Institute, Brazil; and the National Permanent Commission for the Fight Against Tobacco (COLAT), the WHO and PAHO.

The Union has supported tobacco control efforts in Peru since 2014.


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