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The U.S. Surgeon General today released a report on e-cigarettes, raising ‘serious public health concerns’ about rates of use amongst young people. The report, written and reviewed by more than 150 experts, states that in 2015 one in six high school students in the USA reported using e-cigarettes during the month the study was undertaken.

While nicotine is highly addictive at any age, young people are especially vulnerable to the long-term consequences of nicotine use for the brain. The office of the Surgeon General has launched a new website designed to inform young people and their parents about the risks of vaping.

The Union welcomes the report, and supports U.S. Surgeon General Dr Vivek H. Murthy’s recommendation to regulate these products more effectively; to include e-cigarettes in smoke-free policies and to expedite research into the health consequences of vaping. Further, The Union advocates for bans on all forms of e-cigarette advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

‘The exponential growth in prevalence of e-cigarette use amongst young people can be directly attributed to aggressive, targeted marketing. This must be of global concern,’ said Dr Ehsan Latif, Director of The Union’s Department of Tobacco Control. ‘As with tobacco use, a global approach to policy is needed to reverse this trend. This new report will help us advocate for policies to protect health, especially in low- and middle income countries.’


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