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Strategic use of economic policies proven to reduce tobacco use can save money, as well as lives, concludes a new monograph The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control, published by the National Cancer Institute (USA) and World Health Organization.

The document (PDF 15.8 MB) reviews evidence on the economics of tobacco – trade, agriculture, taxes and pricing alongside the economic impact of global tobacco control. It highlights that reducing tobacco use boosts economies by cutting healthcare costs and increasing productivity. Further, it identifies that revenues from tobacco taxes can be dedicated specifically to public health programmes that benefit the poor.

‘The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control consolidates research that illustrates how strong policies to reduce tobacco use will improve the economic health of a nation, as well as that of its people,’ said Dr Gan Quan, Director of The Union’s Department of Tobacco Control. ‘We welcome this new publication as a valuable tool for public health advocates.’

The Union provides technical support to low- and middle-income countries working to introduce effective tax policies to reduce tobacco use. It also assists with development of health promotion foundations sustainably funded through increased tax revenues.


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