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  • Singapore bans tobacco displays at point-of-sale

    The Union welcomes Singapore’s new ban on displays of tobacco products at point-of-sale which comes into force on 1 August. Singapore, home to The Union Asia Pacific Office, has a good track record on tobacco control in the region.


  • Georgia pushes ahead with significant upgrade to national tobacco control programme

    Georgia’s Parliament hosted a high-level event on World No Tobacco Day to mark the recent advance of national laws that will reduce tobacco use and protect and promote the health and economic well-being of the Georgian people.


  • Pakistan Supreme Court upholds ban on advertising tobacco products

    Following a protracted legal battle, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has upheld 2014’s law banning all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship – a victory in the campaign to reduce tobacco use. Implementation of this legislation had been delayed after a legal challenge from Philip Morris Pakistan.


  • Newsweek Pakistan forced to apologise for love song to the Marlboro Man

    TheNetwork for Consumer Protection has won a judgment against Newsweek Pakistan for publishing an article that both implicitly and explicitly promoted tobacco use and the use of Phillip Morris products. In the opinion of the Inquiry Commission of the Press Council of Pakistan, this violated the country’s Ethical Code of Practice.


  • WCTOH youth conference targets tobacco marketing

    Youth conference calls for zero tolerance of tobacco marketing targeting young people

    Youth conference delegates called on ministries of health and tobacco control experts to declare zero tolerance for tobacco industry marketing targeting young people, during the Inaugural Ceremony of the 16thWorld Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) being held in Abu Dhabi on 17-21 March 2015.


  • Unique and effective tobacco control taskforces in Bangladesh – a new study by The Union

    Bangladesh's distinctive approach to tobacco control policy enforcement may offer a sustainable and flexible model for other countries, new Union research suggests.


  • Guidance on tobacco advertising bans now available in seven languages

    A how-to guide for assessing compliance with tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship bans, is now available in seven languages.

    This resource can be downloaded in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese.The guide is 'designed to be tailored to the geographic area, culture and legislative context of the study.'

    All seven guides are available here.


  • The Union and its global partners call for bans on tobacco advertising

    On 31 May 2013, World No Tobacco Day, The Union joined its global partners to call for bans on tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship (TAPS). Bans on TAPS have been shown to reduce tobacco consumption by an average of seven percent.


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