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Marketing of e-cigarettes as an 'healthy' alternative to smoking is dangerously misleading, according to a review of evidence by The Union.


The Olympics in Sochi launched with the support of 500 volunteers specifically trained to help implement the Games' strong smokefree policy.


A how-to guide for assessing compliance with tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship bans, is now available in seven languages.

This resource can be downloaded in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese.The guide is 'designed to be tailored to the geographic area, culture and legislative context of the study.'

All seven guides are available here.


Buenos Aires, Argentina, has taken another strong step toward protecting its citizens from tobacco smoke. This month, the Buenos Aires legislature increased fines for violating the 100% smokefree law which came into effect in 2012.


A major victory for tobacco control was won in Nepal after an appeal by the tobacco industry against mandatory graphic warnings on packaging was quashed by the Supreme Court. The new law means all tobacco product packaging must have 75% of its surface covered by pictorial health warnings, with immediate effect.


The Communist Party's Central and State Council Offices released a joint notice on 29 December 2013 requesting officials not to use public funding to purchase cigarettes, not to smoke in public places and to work to create smokefree government buildings.


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