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The MPOWER/FCTC training course provides a basic understanding of the six elements of MPOWER interventions and equips participants with skills necessary to develop and implement effective tobacco control policies based on the FCTC. 

The MPOWER elements:

M – Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
P – Protect people from tobacco smoke
O – Offer help to quit tobacco use
W – Warn about the dangers of tobacco
E – Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
R – Raise taxes on tobacco

The workshop content is based on relevant FCTC Article guidelines, available policy recommendations, global best practices and lessons learnt under appropriate policy areas.

The workshops are especially in high demand in Latin America, where progress towards tobacco control is met with legal challenges. This workshop is available in other regions upon request.

Offical Language: English


More Information

This course has a modular design so that the specific topic areas can be adapted to the unique policy and collaborative issues/ situations that you face.


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